Hoshicon is a three – day Japanese Culture, Animation, and Video Game event located at the Sheraton Airport Hotel in Charlotte, NC. There is a wide – range of events catering to this cultural event including shopping, panels, a game room, cosplay contest, and much more! Our goal is to provide people of all ages with entertainment and to educate our community about Southeast Asian culture. Last year, our convention ended up attracting 1,700+ attendees to the Charlotte, NC area. Please join us as we host 2015’s Hoshicon here in Charlotte, NC! We hope to see you there!

Hoshicon 2015 Art Contest Submission Form

Hello! Welcome to our annual 2015 Art Contest!

We will be choosing our Hoshicon 2015 artist this year through this process. We had a wonderful turnout last year and we hope to have the same this year. All submissions must be due on November 8, 2015 at 11:59 PM. Winners will be decided through our staff members and through the public until November 15, 2015 11:59 PM. All submissions must go through this form.

So what do you do when you are chosen? You will be drawing, coloring, and preparing all of your art to go live on our website, on merchandise, and on our promotional materials. This includes all of our mascots for this year and placing them within the theme... Fairy Tales! All art must be done within our time table and due at a timely matter.

So what will you get in return? You will be able to have guest of honor status at our convention for 2015. This includes free hotel, transportation, an artist table, badge, and food. Your work will be displayed throughout the convention and you will also get all merchandise that will have your art on it! How cool is that?

What Are The Contest Rules and Regulations?

1. You will be drawing either the two mascots below: AJ or Ren. AJ will be Red Riding Hood and Ren will be a Wolf.

2. However, the two need to look modern-day fantasy. Think RWBY or Okami-san and Her Seven Companions in design. Full body images only. No chibis.

3. Please don't change their designs too much. Hairstyles can be different, but when it comes to eye color, hair color, body features, do not change them please! Also, their designs from 2014 can give you a sneak peek into their personality and interests! You may draw weapons or other fun things in as well.

4. Helpful notes: AJ likes the colors red, yellow, and black a lot. Ren likes silvers and whites.

5. Please follow the directions on the submission form. Helpful things include giving links to locations where we can easily download your designs (Tumblr links, Deviant Art links, Flickr links, etc.)

6. No nudity or 18+ material. This is for our promotional material for our convention.

7. Yes. You can submit more than one picture (and there is NO LIMIT on how many you send). You can submit both characters. You can submit different art styles of the characters. You will need to fill out a form for each art piece you submit in.

8. All entries will be due on the due date. No exceptions.